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                             FROM FIRENZE...

                                                                   Reports and images from the concert of 
                                                                                Angelo Branduardi in Firenze, Teatro Verdi.


Photographs by Patrice Gruben

            Before the concert   Patrice Dany Giulio

                  Stefy Dany  Firenze concert

The Verdi Theater filled slowly,the announced time of the concert(20.45)stretched to 21.30,the audience became impatient and began to clap,to call,to stamp their feet.The first rows(including ours--the second)had groups of excited(and fairly loud)fans anxious for the show to come on. For once the Florentine audience was quite opposed to the opinion of some member(s)that here we are rather"cool"(perhaps the audience was imported?;-).
Our group was composed of Patrice from l'Olanda lontana,Daniela dai Capelli Neri from the not-so-near Marche,Giulio il Generale from Sicily/Tripoli/Florence,and Steph from USA/Florence...not a bad representation I think,as to internationality.
The curtain rose to reveal the beautiful tulle-draped stage,the moon of many changing colors,and Angelo already seated with his violin.He played the Vivaldi,then this concert's version of Fiera and Mela;after this he recounted the story,like a fable,about the violin,how it becomes when played by different musicians,how every violinist is a"passenger in the life"of the violin,and why the violin is considered the"instrument of the Devil". He explained again about the concert,its two parts,and the"empty and full spaces",and that the musicians would deliberately search for empty spaces that the public must fill acoustically.
The music continued with Giovanna d'Arco,Vanitą and Fa Diesis,(with much rhythmic hand-clapping of the audience led  by the muscians seated at the table-which by the way is called an"Orff Table,invented by the musician Karl Orff to teach music to children,especially those with special problems),Eremita,and the now traditional Donna della Sera(we had plotted to throw a brassiere onto the stage,as Angelo always repeats that only once(in Lieigi)did someone toss him a set of lingerie(with the price tags still attached),but we were defeated by the logistics of the Verdi stage(it is set back about 3mt),the difficulty of the toss...and by good sense...we were considering trying this exploit at the Naples concert but as you know that was cancelled
:-(((.Funerale(with relative gesture)followed.
There was quite a lot of interaction between Angelo and the audience,especially a gentleman in the first row who continued to thank him for his songs,his existence,and his sweetness.At the other end was Il Generale,who wanted to know what the Liegi lingerie smelled of(Angelo's answer:"Starch and plastic!")
All of these songs were accomanied by the lively brigade of Ragazzoni,Gargioni,Huszar,and Terzi,with percussion(including chairs)and accordion,with a rousing finale of Cercando l'Oro, which the audience joined enthusiastically.

    Firenze concert

In the second part Angelo had changed from the black satin shirt and pants(with bare feet!)to his elegant Coveri frock coat outfit. The music began with a breathtaking rendition of Ille Mi Par,lights and percussion creating an almost tribal trancelike atmosphere,and after that the touching Donna di Luce.
Then Angelo gave brief descriptions of these two songs,and before each two of the following songs and the group went on with almost all the songs of the latest cd,lacking only Notturno and Shiragi.
Even Shakespeare,with a dose of strong percussion,became quite exciting,and the intensity of the words themselves of Fascia was incredible.
The concert ended with the partial recitation and then the musical part of Cantico and afterwards an exhilarating  Perfetta Letizia,with the now famous cymbals and tubular bells.
Then Angelo presented the muscians and technicians amid applause and cries of appreciation;the group bowed many times,waved,and went offstage.
Naturally the public went wild and demanded a bis(there were many suggestions,including the often-heard "all of them!!".Angelo complied this time with a song he has not repeated after Mestre(as far as I know)--Ai Giochi Addio from Zeffirelliģ's Romeo e Giulietta.
How do you ask for another bis after something that was absolutely perfect?



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