M                      Meta di Sorrento 3 - 6th May 2003


                             FUN & RELAX

                                                                                           Entertainment and Friendship


Photographs by  Petra Klaez, Michelangelo Gargiulo, Patrice Gruben


"Bar Michelangelo" META

Breakfast at Bar Michelangelo (P.K.)      Breakfast at Bar Michelangelo (P.K.)

   Group in Bar Michelangelo (P.K.)  Elise and Ric (P.K.)

       "TASTING ....    croissant, creamy coffee and even wildly strawberries..." Elise

Antonella, Michelangelo (P.K.)             Antonella, Gaia, Petra on the place of pilgrimage (Computer of Miky) - (M.G.)

Elise and Ric (M.G.)     Breakfast at Bar Michelangelo (M.G.)

Chatting and reading..(M.G.)     Miky in action (P.K.)

     Until next time...(P.K.)  Nimue, Miky (P.G.)

                                                       ^ VIDEO

        Gaia Anto Petra Sachertorte (P.G.)  Goodbye Friends! (P.K.)


Video by Petra Klaez


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