Branduardi al vittoriano

Roma, 2 Febbraio 2008


Photos by Chiara D'Ottavi, Robert West and Michelangelo Giulianelli - Comments by Chiara D'Ottavi, Michelangelo Giulianelli, Mauro Cassandra

Photo by Chiara D'Ottavi

Dear Branduardi-ans,

yesterday concert was FANTASTIC. Angelo wonderfully sang some of his San Francis's lyrics, accompanied by talented musicians and actors. I've always been fascinated and inspired by S.Francis, as a real spiritual man and poet. Angelo's interpretation of the franciscan theme is one of my favourite, especially The Canticle of the Creatures (Angelo to me is very spiritual as well). So, listening to him has been a touching and beautiful gift! the concert wasn't so long, but very intense. There was a second concert when we left, so that everybody could enter.

After the Lauda, some of Angelo's classic like "Cogli la prima mela", "Alla fiera dell'est", "ballo in fa diesis". It was inspiring to see Angelo Branduardi in such a good shape: when you do what you love in life... It's important to make real choices in life then!

My partner - who's English and appreciated Angelo's music and performance very much - and I met the other Branduardi-ans at the entrance. Someone arrived later, but we all managed to get in. To me, it's been lovely to share those good moments. I want to thank again so much Michelangelo for his generosity! Thanks to him we've been able to enjoy the concert right opposite the stage, between the second and third rows. :-)


Photo by Michelangelo Giulianelli   Photo by Michelangelo Giulianelli

Clare said everything so I do not know what can be said:) I can only say that was great emotion, a music that penetrates the soul and that it is impossible to describe in words. Gestures symbols words sounds bound together harmoniously in a very intimate where I seemed to be in the family.

The second piece on Letizia me was the most beautiful piece, especially scenic seen from the way in which Angelo played dishes in a unique way. Yes, to me the figure of St. Francis attracts, as well as other people who lived in a radical way their faith, and the actors in my opinion we have somehow taste something of his Spritualitą.

They are also pleased to have met in person some Branduardiani like me, because through emails certainly is beautiful but the faces and voices can only immaginare.Grazie still Michelangelo for the reserved seats, and we have had a chance to see well beyond listen well that the concert (Clare and I were in front of the box: D).

Michelangelo Giulianelli


Photo by Chiara D'Ottavi      Photo by Chiara D'Ottavi

Photo by Chiara D'Ottavi Photo by Chiara D'Ottavi


One intense hour of optimal music. An atmosphere of intimacy and places of care in the first rows. Branduardi in great shape, maybe a little tired to sing his old successes therefore as they were. For an artist they are an arm with double face cut, if from a part he is happy that his public still appreciates, indeed loves, songs of 30 years ago... from the other hand he can suffer that his successive musics cannot repeat the same appreciation. However that is not worth for me. I have sung in chorus "Alla Fiera Dell'Est" therefore as I would have sung "Baci Cari"... if only I was able to.
Now I wait with anxiety next 14 February...

Regards to all the friends, known and not, a thanks to Michelangelo
Until soon, Mauro

Photo by Chiara D'Ottavi                            Photo by Michelangelo Giulianelli



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