STUTTGART - 7 jEN. 2001

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* Thanks to europAMICI


Photographs by Hartmut and Sabine Hämmerle

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Angelo Branduardi Concert in Stuttgart (Liederhalle/Beethoven-Saal) on January, 7th 2001
It was our first concert from the L'infinitamente piccolo tour we visited. We knew the songs and also the background of this CD and that all the songs are about Franz von Assisi. But at the beginning of the concert it was funny and nice to listen to Angelo Branduardi, when he told (in German), how this CD was developed. 
Then the music started and from the first sound to the last it was a great pleasure. There was a special atmosphere in the concert hall (it's hard to describe), everything fitted together, the sound and the light show and you could see that also Angelo Branduardi and his band had fun to play all the songs.
In the second part of the concert they played all the old songs, and after a few songs a lot of people danced in front of the stage. You had the feeling that everybody in the hall was enthusiastic about his music.
After the concert we were lucky to see him in the entrance hall and got an autograph from him.
It was a wonderful evening and we were sure that it wasn't our last concert.
Hartmut and Sabine



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