"In 1979 I listened to Angelo Branduardi's music for the very first time. I was fascinated from the music right from the beginning.Already in 1979 I had the opportunity to see him live on stage. At that time I could not imagine that his music would be a permanent companion for me for many years to come. I also did not dream of how much I would value... "

"...Finally in 1981 I met him personally. After that many, many concerts followed and I met him very often, in Germany as well as in Italy... "

"...Angelo is an excellent musician and composer, a star, who does not have to stand for pushing itself into the foreground. He always remains true to his self, he has no affectations and he is young at heart (an Aquarius - that's it! *g). "

-Angelo Branduardi - italienischer Sänger, Kom.

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