Popoli (Pe), 15 Agosto 2008

Concerto di Angelo Branduardi

Photos & Comments: Mariarita "Micci" Coccia



















HI all!

I have just returned from Austria and immediately take to go to a concert of Angelo.

Luck wanted on 15th of August He was in Popoli and, therefore, near Pescara. This is the concert:

the day in Popoli had not started in the best possible way, we are in summer and should put more attention when you light fireworks outdoors and in fact inexperienced boys have sparked a fire, hectares of forest burned !!!!!!! The country is nearby and smoking has for some time obscured the beautiful landscape. The timely intervention of canader vigilant and they have then placed the inhabitants safely and the fire extinguished. It remains the brunt of having lost so much in Nature...

Well now you can think of the event? No, comes the wind and rain. I think - but the concert will be performed ??!!- Small pray to Brother Wind and Sister Rain: "Please do that Angelo can declaim, singing the words of Francis. Sister Moon appears in the sky and there remains almost to establish a truce between the elements.

He began the concert, Brother Wind still disagrees and blows lapsing the sheets that Angelo has diligently stopped on the lectern, and continue for a while 'everything is magic, everything changes.

The square from noisy becomes attentive and stops to listen: "… .. the trovatore……. "even those who do not know him leave kidnap by a sense of universal music by Angelo and the texts of Francis of Assisi…….

A restoration of bystanders on Earth is always brother Wind, and yes this time sweeps even the lectern, Angel with ready reflexes moves and avoids the ruin of his feet, then the spitful "brother" persevere with the bow, then with the glass of water, in short, wants to be the protagonist. But Angelo has shown his "bad character", in the sense of tenacity and stubbornness and at the end placate the wind with the sweet songs from Tango, Il dono del cervo, Confessioni di un malandrino and "la luna". Fantastic !!!!!

At the end tha thanks of the Mayor , surprised by the big careful public , they too have noticed the "magic" occurred:)

Among the public of Abruzzo many children of emigrants, who knew Angelo perhaps more of the local villagers, in fact, sang and applauded our minstrel with great enthusiasm. What can we say: "Nobody is a prophet in our homeland."

Friends, to the next and I hope it will soon.











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