OSTENDE   May 30   2000

ASSISI     April 7                                          ANTWERP  December 4

FIESOLE   June 20                                      MILANO   October 20

WILTZ  July 6                                              BASILEA  November 5

GRAZ  July 17                                             FRANKFURT Nov 20

STUTTGART  Jenuary 7                               CASERTA   July 27 

MUNCHEN June 30 -2001                            COLDRERIO*  Aug. 25 - 2001

WINTERTHUR* Sept 28 - 2001                      BASILEA  Sept. 29 - 2001


* Thanks to europAMICI


Photographs  by  Mattias de Smet, Danielle Kempen and Patrice Gruben


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The stage (P.G.)                                (D. K.)             "La festa"                   ( MdS)


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    (D K)                                       (MdS)                                    (MdS)                         Davide (P.G.) 


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           (D K)                                          (D K)                                                        (D K)


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          (MdS)                               (MdS)                                      (D K)                          (MdS)


"Cari amici,
We have just returned from our concert in Ostenda (yesterday) and I am so full of the miracle, I have to tell you immediately. It was the best concert ever!
Yesterday morning we were preparing for our 330 km drive to the coast in Belgium, we were very worried about the very bad weather expectations, we checked the tv, and it was getting worse every minute, a huge storm and a lot of rain in Holland and Belgium. Would there be a concert that evening?
I phoned a contact in the hotel, but she had not heard about a cancellation, so we took the chance and we went out into the storm. A difficult drive, sidewinds, rain and we were feeling a bit stressed out.
In the hotel we heard the best news: the outside concert would be held INSIDE THE CHURCH! This was a perfect solution and the perfect setting!  We went to have a look inside the church, and many people were very busy installing lights, sound, instruments etc. Davide was already there, he was trying out his drums, and the sound was great. Angelo had not yet arrived, he would come by train, but nobody knew (or would not tell) what time. At 17.00 people came in for Sunday Mass, and by then everything had been installed. We left the church for a meal and returned at 19.00, hoping to hear the soundcheck, but by then a security team was in front of the church and we were not allowed in. We had to wait until 21.00. By then more fans had gathered, and this gave a good feeling of being a big happy family waiting for the great event. There was a real storm blowing, and it was raining, but that side of the church it was not so bad. We could hear the music and Angelo singing through the door. An hour later we were allowed to come a small way into the church, out of the rain, and there we could hear and see Angelo working, to make everything perfect. When finally we were allowed to go into the church, we quickly went to the front seats, 3 rows reserved, but we had very good seats. I have never seen a church filling up so quickly, the priestmust have felt jealous!
At 21.15 the concert started. A ladies voice reciting Cantico delle Creature, in Flemish (fiammingo), Davide softly playing the drums until Angelo started singing. The programm was the same as in Assisi, with only the difference that "Letizia" was before the "Morte", which is more logical.
Angelo spoke in perfect English and explained what the concert and the project was all about. He was very happy to be inside the church, the right place for this concert. He was relaxed, cheerful, his voice was strong and everything sounded really fantastic. Angelo was the star, the maestro, but for me also Davide was the second star. He was not only playing virtuoso his own drum set, but also the timpani, a gong and many other kind of drums, running from one side to another and never missing and smiling as if he was really enjoying it.
I can tell you, the sound from all these percussion instruments sounded unbelievable in the church with echo's coming from everywhere. The "Sultano", "Poverelle", "Regola" and "Letizia" were for me the absolute highlights of the concert. Angelo played the clown, like he loves to do, sounding the cymbals over and over again.
When he finished Letizia there was no time for applause, he immediately went on with "La Morte", playing the pan flute. Again I was very impressed by this.
After the Infinitamente piccolo it was time for the classics, everybody clapped and the crowd got really enthousiastic, this was the music they all knew! We were treated to a small extra miracle, just before the new classic I Santi, Angelo sat down, with just his guitar and sang in a beautiful setting La Sposa Rubato from the Pulce d'Acqua album, it was so wonderful. Maybe he did this specially for Matthias, who some years ago, together with other guitar students, gave a musical performance of the song. He sent the recording of this to Agelo.  After the fireworks of I Santi the concert definitely ended.
We had all enjoyed this concert in a great way, the lights shining on the inside of the church, the acoustics, the echo's, the fun, the musicians enjoying themselves and last but not least: being able to sit in the church, dry and out of the wind.
Just imagine that we had stayed at home, we would have missed out on the best concert of our life!
People going to Lucca and other places, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. Don't stay at home,

Hi, I shot some pictures with a tele-lens. I needed it because I was at the
tenth row I suppose. During the concert I was able to walk around a bit, but
never I could get REAL close, So the telelens should have done a great job.
The first 10 pictures should be ready next week or so, the others are on a
new role which isn't finished yet. They will be for later.


Ok Patrice, some hints..:)
Patrice mi ha chiesto di rendere in italiano, almeno nei punti essenziali, questa sua mail, ci provo.
Patrice asked me to translate in the main points , her mail.
"Cari amici
Siamo appena tornati dal concerto di Ostenda e sono ancora immersa nel "miracolo" . E' stato il miglior concerto che abbia mai visto.
Ieri mattina eravamo pronti per il nostro viaggio di 330 KM verso la costa belga ed eravamo molto preoccupati per le previsioni del tempo che davano forti temporali e il concerto era a rischio ed in effetti la traversata stata piena di pioggia e vento, Ma in albergo abbiamo avuto la bella notizia che il concerto comunque si sarebbe fatto, all'interno della chiesa. La soluzione era perfetta!
Siamo entrati dentro dove c'erano le sedie e i tecnici che montavano le luci.
Davide stava provando la sua batteria..Siamo ritornati piu tardi, dopo avere mangiato qualcosa e si sentivano i musicisti provare e lo stesso Angelo che cantava e controllava che stesse tutto a posto.
Il concerto iniziato alle 21,15 circa, una voce femminile recitava in fiammingo il Cantico. la scaletta era la stessa di quella di Assisi, ad eccezione di "Letizia.." che venuta, com'era pi logico, prima de " La morte di Francesco".
Angelo, in perfetto inglese, ha spiegato i motivi di questo lavoro, inoltre era assai contento di suonare in chiesa, luogo ritenuto da lui piu' adatto.Comunque mi hanno colpito molto la batteria e le percussioni di Davide Regazzoni.
Alla fine Angelo ha riproposto i classici e il pubblico, che conosceva molto bene i motivi, hanno dimostrato tutto il loro entusiasmo, il concerto si chiuso con " I Santi". Insomma stato davvero un bel concerto, tutto perfetto, dall'acustica all'atmosfera  della chiesa, davvero avremmo perso il miglior concerto della nostra vita se rinunciavamo a quel viaggio."



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