" HI! I'am Myrthe. I was born on January 3rd 2002 in Alkmaar, Holland. My mummy is Ellen and my daddy is Andy. I have a very proud grandparents Jan and Patrice and many many friendly uncles and aunts: the Branduardi-ans. I am very happy that Michelangelo made me the mascotte of this nice mailgroup ..."


"...  Since I started to walk, I have been exploring the world around me, so many interesting people and new things to do and say. I am a very happy, intelligent and independent girl, I want to do everything by myself, eating, dressing (I am very proud that I can put on my own socks and shoes), climbing the stairs, riding my bike. My latest achievement is that I have learned how to swim.

I love music and I like to dance. When I am staying with my oma (nonna) I admire her butterfly collection and she always plays Alla Fiera dell'Est for me.I hope to meet you all some day, maybe in 2004 at a meeting and I will dance to your music

Photo's: in the Myrthe album.


Myrthe van den Berg


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