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Comments and Photos: Claudette Vanacker, Florence Biquet, Katharina Springer, Liliane Rouze, MarieClaire Peltier, Monika Wegener, Odile Sicard, Rita Felhing

Photo by Monika Wegener

I am in the group since few months, but as the others "french ladies of the 20th" , I listen and love Angelo"s music and songs since 30 years. I saw that there have been great moments for the group since it creation! The day with Angelo on 20 has been another one!....

Photo by Monika Wegener   Photo by Claudette Vanacker

.....Angelo's music has the power not only to delight us but also to unit people of all backgrounds, countries and ages. And it's a good  thing that young people come join us and be sensitive to the quality of  a work recognized as heritage! The story of Branduardi'ans continues! And there will be still many beautiful moments with and thanks to Angelo!



             Photo by Monika Wegener    Photo by Monika Wegener

Photo by Monika Wegener    Photo by Monika Wegener

        Photo by Liliane RouzePhoto by Liliane RouzePhoto by Liliane Rouze

Then, in summer 2007 in Schloss Bad Pyrmont courtyard, I saw for the first time Branduardi life. And it has knocked me out. I had long searched for an appropriate description, without success, "knock out" has it been called by Katharina, and it describes the mood at that time exactly. I was touched and fascinated by the aura of this artist. Of the melodies, of the texts, of the incredible way of playing the violin, and from this incredible voice. Since then, I am quasi-infected. My fellows have said that it would tone down. Finally, I am not a teenager anymore. But until today it has still not toned down but not only increased. Angelo has me "enchanted" at the time in the castle courtyard, and with his music enriched my life.
As now there was the opportunity to "A day with Angelo", I hesitated at first whether I should accept the offer. If you are sitting across a person during five hours, you get to know him, of course. What if I would notice at this meeting that Angelo is no angel but a human like me and you? Then there was the fascination and charm. Anyway, this idea of being so close to him one time, was so tempting that I've signed up for the meeting in Milan.
As we sat twenty people now in the nice office of Ezio, Ezio told us the plan for today and we chatted a bit and get to know each other.
And then he came. Smiling. My heart and my brain did things that hearts and minds normally don’t do on a Saturday morning. Of course, we applauded. And Angelo applauded us! He takes the time to spend with twenty fans a day, and applauded us for it. What a gesture
An "interview" followed in which Ezio asked Angelo all sorts of things. And Angelo answered promptly, honestly and very, very personal. We learned a lot about his career, his family, about how he writes his music, how he himself feels considers it and how he prepares for concerts. A fascinating man, musician, human!
After that we could ask questions and he answered with great honesty.... did I mention allready, that I find him magic?
For lunch, there was a buffet. We enjoyed antipasti, pasta and dolci, Chiacchiere. Angelo told us that they are eaten at carnival time and would be really tasty. I am not a the fan of sweets. But, honestly, I can not not try something he has just explained us. - The Chiacchiere were very tasty. Really.
During the lunch break I tried to explain to me what I'm experiencing now. I actually sat only few feet away from Angelo, who was eating pasta and then was singing to the CD of Cat Stevens "Moon Shadows". Nobody could have told me that once that I can experience all this.
Ezio had at the beginning that Angelo was also going to sing for us. How incredible, just for such few people! First he sang La Luna, sooooo beautiful! And I was hoping it would be followed by another song, maybe one of my favorite songs, tango, or perhaps even La donna della sera. Both he sang. So unbelievably sensitive, so, so .... just incredible. The songs touched me so much that I still get goose bumps when I think of it. Finally, he sang "Das Lied von Momo" and it was so emotional. I can not put it into words easily. Perhaps it is for me a bit like his music. He said that he has beautiful melodies in his head and when he has written them down and then played, then they are not so beautiful anylonger. All I can say is: Oh, yes, Angelo, your melodies are more than beautiful. They are indescribable. Enchanting.

No need to mention that Angelo has not lost his magic.


                            Photo by Monika Wegener  Photo by Monika WegenerPhoto by Florence Biquet   Photo by Monika Wegener   Photo by Florence Biquet

Hello all together

yes, it was indeed a very nice meeting with Angelo and Ezio!
In a first part Angelo talked (in italian and french) about his life and career and answered some questons from Ezio (who nearly couldn't talk because of a cold), then we had lunch there and in a second part Angelo showed us his old violin (but nobody was allowed to touch it) and he sung some songs for us (La luna, Tango, La donna della sera, Confessions d'un malandrin, Das Lied von Momo; this list is not complete, I hope some else remembers all songs). A local painter created in this time a portrait of Angelo and in the end Angelo was available for pictures and autographs and we could give him all presents and greetings from the branduardi-ans. And we could ask him questions anytime. Angelo was in a very good mood and we all felt very comfortable. This was my impression.
After this meeting Angelo went on to Bologna to registrate the voice for the album Futuro Antico VII.


Photo by Florence Biquet


For me, it was more than a very nice meeting because I'm not used to see "il maestro" so close :-)) (it was the second time and hope it wasn't the last)
It is an unforgettable day ! Michelangelo, don't worry , I think the Branduardi-ans delegation did represent the fans very well !
Angelo was very lovely to everyone. I think he was very pleased to be with all of us. He also had pleasure to talk french (which he can perfectly. I wish I could speak italian as he can french !!)
More details later... I'm exhausted (2 very shorts nights, driving by wind, snow and rain). I'am going to have a bath and a nap dreaming of this day :-))
The other persons might be somewhere in the sky (by plane) except Katarina who is leaving tomorrow to Germany.
I don't have any camera so, no photos from me but Liliane, Florence, Claudette and Marie-Claire made a lot ! (soon on your screen )

See you soon !





Hello , everybody !!!
I just come back from Milano, a little tired because i could'n't sleep well after this great day with Angelo !!! ( a lot of emotions !!) Angelo was very happy to meet everybody and he was very warm with each person and he was very generous : he was singing a few of songs . It was as if we were in family !!!! For everybody , i think , it was unforgettable !!!!!
I send you just a photo and later i'll prepare you some others . Thank you Michelangelo to give us the opportunity to meet Angelo ( i hope there 'll be another meeting like later ?...) .

Good evening to all,
I return to the airport after a rare meeting with Angelo and a nice stay in Milan. Tonight, I see 80 mails, so we'll do the story of our impressions in more detail when possible and with photos. I saw that Monika had told the course of the day. Our plane was delayed, that of Marie-Claire canceled and that of Katharina not safe for tomorrow!
But we wanted to thank Michelangelo already allowing us to be able to attend this event, and Ezio to have so held.
Good night all and see you soon
Claudette and Liliane

Good evening to all Branduardians friends!
As some happy Branduardians have said, the meeting on saturday went off in an in an intimate and warm ambiance. We had the privilege to not only be spectators opposite an artist but friends who spoke in an intimate surroundings with a man who unmasked some aspects of his personality : sincer - even in the evocation of a very high sensibility and its consequences - , modest, friendly, respectful and considerate. Well, we thank him for having shown the precious violin of XVIII century usually neverleaves the house, having insisted to translate all the elements of the discussion interpreting the songs we asked and singing Les confessions d'un malandrin in french. Angelo also recalled its formative years, its methods of  developping a melody -even if "the music is always more beautiful at beginning, in the head"-. He mentionned the personnalities encountered and "carried like a sponge", among them great french singers like Brassens, Brel, Moustaki and Reggiani, the different CD (the less CD he likes is "Pane e rose), concerts, etc...
It was a very rich encounter! It is impossible today to let us known immediatly from our impressions...Songs sung : La lune, La vie orange, Tango, Sous le tilleul, La canzone di Momo, La Donna della sera, Il dono del cervo, Les confessions d'un malandrin....senza spina and whis what talent! An unforgettable moment of sharing!
Liliane, Odile, Marie Claire, Katharina, Florence and Claudette


Photo by MarieClaire Peltier

Buon giorno a tutti,
after I came home Monday night, I had a very stressful but productive week. So I regret, that I could not write anything about the wonderful Saturday with Angelo and the others who have been there.
Similar to Rita, when I heared about the opportunity to spend a day with Angelo, I hesitated because I thought, I am crazy. But then I decided to go, because I wanted to learn to know the man whose music I love since more than thirty years and this is enough reason to be important. And I did not regret having been there (so what if I am crazy….je m’en fou) and I appreciate Angelos and Ezios offer and I am very grateful for this and that Angelo was talking very personally to us! And Ezio is a nice men too!
Now after one week things had time to calm a little bit and I must say that I am still deeply impressed about this meeting with Angelo and touched what he told us (as far as I could understand his French and Italian words). So you have already most of the details from Rita, Liliane, Claudette, Odile and Marieclaire and Florence. I can only say that from his music I could feel again, that it opens my heart and I feel love and joy and I say thank-you to Angelo for this gift which is a miracle.
It was also very nice to meet Rita, Monika and Claudette, Florence, Odile, Marieclaire, Liliane, from whom I only read emails until this time. Thank you French ladies for your effort, to explain me things when I did not understand what you said in French!
Good bye, have a nice weekend



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