"Ciao! I'm Michelangelo, I live near Sorrento, south Italy, i work in my bar, i produce typical Sorrento's liqueurs ("Sapori di Sorrento") and I held some business in the field of entertainment ("Alibi Et Alius")... "


"I'm 45 years old, I like travelling(possibly by my motorbike), playing guitar, making web pages and, naturally, i like Branduardi! Since 2006 Branduardi and his management has entrusted me the Official Site that I manage with other friends!
The address of my websites are:


Guida SuperEva di Angelo Branduardi

Storia, produzione, analisi delle canzoni, notizie e collaborazioni dell'Artista.


Alibi et Alius (Altro ed altrove) Il mio nuovo locale!

-Old photos of Sorrento peninsula, Old Naples paintings



Sito commemorativo sul naufragio della Motonave "Marina D'Aequa"

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