Interview in MestreVersione Italiana

By Elise Valere of the Branduardi-ans


- First question, Angelo, when shall we have the pleasure to applaud you in Belgium and in France?
Angelo: to tell the truth, generally, I know the place of my next concert and my circle of acquaintances tries not to give me too much information about the fact that reserves months to come thus, all that I can say at the moment, it is that it is foreseen, naturally, in the course of November, 2003. 

- You are here, in Mestre, to begin your new tour inspired by the CD " Altro ed altrove ", which do you feel when you so deliver to the public the first concert from a new project?
Angelo: it is never the routine for me, it is a sort of thing(matter) mixed in which there is just a little an envy to surprise, especially in the first part or I introduced new things, rather risked for a popular artist of variety. Of other one quoted(esteemed), the fact of being a robust experience ( 30 years) old allows me to make this kind of innovations by knowing that the public is going to follow me.
I know now that my public agrees to see to where I am going to go, where I want to walk, that they know that they can rely on me. 

- It also means that you know well your public? 

Angelo: I know them very yes, and they too know me, they are friends. Except for the new, which they discover me! It is always a precarious challenge for an artist the change of generation. It is there that it is necessary to conquer or to crash down

- We find an enormous symbolic concordance in your songs, whether it is between the music and the texts but also the research for sound perfection
Angelo: they are things about which I do not think, it is really of the instinct. What wants to say, doubtless, that certain days are better than the others. 

- And today for example, you anticipate in advance the reaction of the public, do you know what waits for you?

  Angelo: in no way. You can remain 6 months to make rehearsals without public, same(even) after all this time, you never know what is going to take place 

- In your new CD " Altro ed altrove " you sing primitive texts on a music which uses a lot of modern technology, why this transition?
Angelo: it is the fruit of the work of Carlo Gargioni and myself, we played everything for two persons. We worked together in my studio situated there where I live, in mountains. We played ourselves all the instruments, the ropes, the violin, the cello, etc. to integrate them then into harmony thanks to the technology. It is for example, true guitars which are got through emulators to produce this tone so particular. It is necessary to say that the project was enough little defined at the beginning, because very often, it is not you who choose the music, it is the opposite. It is enough to be allowed go and the music takes you and brings you at the beginning can imagine to create some pop or the heavy metal and you meet yourselves with the rock! 

- And what is what has most importance for you, what touch  you most: the music or the texts?

Angelo: there, it is difficult to say because in this disc, both things have the absolutely similar importance. Maybe because it was born with the idea, at first, which we were going to make a " album concept " and that we were going to use these very beautiful texts which play here a major role. 

- By speaking about texts, you always resort to the beautiful fables, to the allegories, I do not still know you of songs in the style " I am sick, I suffer and my heart bleeds "..
Angelo: it's true, I have never made that, me I tell fables, tales it is because I do not like annoying people with my problems, my courtship unfortunates or different misfortunes. It is always a profession, not the other thing(matter). For me, the art it is not of the photography, it is to see and to express what there is beyond the wall and you do not maybe see. At least as for me personally, now there are people who make of the realism very well for me, it is completely unrealistic. 

- What gives you moreover a particular place in the environment of the music, what you think of that?
Angelo: I am satisfied with it, I looked for it " due to running alone, I always arrive the first one "  
Elise Valere

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