Confessioni from a Spanish Fan

Ciao, Branduardians from all over the World, The first thing I want to do is to thank Adriano Rossi (probably the hardest Branduardian activist) for encouraging me to write you all. I am 25 and I was born in Spain. The first time I heard from Angelo I was just 13 or 14 years old. The Spanish national television broadcasted a very interesting film called "State buoni se potete" whose music was composed by a musician called Angelo Branduardi. I looked for some records and it was difficult to find them, but somebody brought me from Italy a Long-Play titled "Collezione". This was how I discovered the particular and poetic world of Angelo. Since then, I am an absolute fan of Branduardi. For an Spanish fan like me, it is terrible to find that Angelo has never achieved here an important success like in other european countries. However, some of the most important spanish singers have sung Angelo´s songs and even Angelo himself published a CD in Spanish in 1993 titled "Confesiones de un malandrín", following a Tour where Angelo was the special guest of the Spanish pop group "El Ultimo de la Fila". Unfortunately, this CD is almost sold out. I have attended 3 of his Spanish concerts. The first time was in 1989 in Madrid (Real Madrid Pavillion), during the European Tour "Pane e Rose". That was an spectacular performance with near 5000 people and full of Spanish Branduardians (for that was his first concert in the country). The concert was surprising with Angelo nearly featured like a rock-star: excellent musicians, stage and lighting designs and a lot of movement. In 1996, I saw Angelo in a more modest concert that took place in a Theatre of Madrid. This occured during the Tour "Camminando, camminando". I think this was a concert that showed some kind of development in Angelo´s career. Something was changing: a new step from quantity to quality, and the acceptance (as Angelo admitted) that he is a minstrel and that there is nothing wrong in it. But this year (August 1999) I attented the best concert from all (Castle of Salobreña, an small village in the South of Spain, near Granada). I have to thank Adriano Rossi because he advised me of the only Spanish concert ot the Tour. It was a very minimalistic concert, full of musical and scenic details, with a very good sound. Angelo appeared alone in the stage and sung "La luna". Later he was joined by his musicians (Davide Ragazzone, Christina Scrima, Mihaly Huzar...) and the music filled the night.I would like to stress their versions of "L´uso del amore, Ballo in Fa, Cogli la Prima Mela and specially, that marvellous song titled "Confesso che ho vissuto" which ended the concert". As Angelo confessed, the night was magic. The place (an arabic castle from the 11th century) helped Angelo and the group to play better and brighter. Angelo was really an special minstrel in a medieval castle. As you have read, I am Branduardian for ever. For this reason, I want to support the special project of the Book for Angelo´s birthday. I also would like to hear from other Spanish fans. I don´t know how many we are.
Thank you. Ciao.


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