GRAZ  (A)- June 17-2000

ASSISI     April 7                                          ANTWERP  December 4

FIESOLE   June 20                                      MILANO   October 20

WILTZ  July 6                                              BASILEA  November 5

CASERTA  July 27                                       FRANKFURT Nov 20

STUTTGART  Jenuary 7                               OSTENDE   May 30 

MUNCHEN June 30 -2001                            COLDRERIO*  Aug. 25 - 2001

WINTERTHUR* Sept 28 - 2001                     BASILEA  Sept. 29 - 2001


* Thanks to europAMICI


Photographs by  Cristina Silvano

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Happy birthday, branduardi-ans,
I've been, by case, at Angelos concert in Graz. Hopefully some photos will be ok. It was a funny, not to big open air event, with a moreless familiary character and fortunately nearly without securities, also no barrier between guests and musicians (but nobody tried to steal him... ) Together with his (usually) very good musicians, he seemed, so far my impression, to trust more in his old songs than in his new program L'infinitamente piccolo. Angelo did also his best to accompany himself with all his well-known special movements, like folding suddenly together like a pocket knife or standing on one foot like a Massai or a flamingo. - the pure ballerina, also he said once, that he keeps the dance for something completely unnecessary ... The funniest picture was, when he clapped together the big cymbals blowing up his cheeks and rolling his eyes - an unforgettable comical picture.   I'll send the photos, as soon they are ready.
                                                                          greetings, Cristina


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