"I' am Dominique LOUIS,a 45 years old man(05-12-1957),married with
Christine,two daughters,Mélissa (16) and Angela (11).I live in the center
of FRANCE,in MOULINS. My job is to be a manager of a service in the 
public administration of a french territory,the ALLIER department.
I join a photo where I am with Mélissa near the Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco) in thefrench alps..."


"I am interested by music,all the  music ,specially world music,by photography, montain and nature and I practise a sport,tourismcycling (4000 km on bicycle  each year).
I am an absolute fan of Angelo Branduardi since 1980 when I saw him on stage during 3 hours for the"concerto" has been a schock!!!    I am a member of the europamici di A.B,the fanclub animated by Sandra BLOH in GERMANY. the summit of my "fanlife" till now was in july 1997 when I participated to the organization of the only one concert in FRANCE in 1997,near my hometown, in SOUVIGNY.I was with Angelo all the day and after the concert,during the dinner with him and his was an unbelievable moment."

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