" My name is Carinka , I live in Petersburg.
I know Branduardi s music since I came to my italian friend to help  him to clean his flat before Pasqua ( as we usually do in Russia) and he taped for me cassete of Branduardi.
I really became crazy of it . Now i listen only his music 24 hours every day , since 1 st time I' ve heard him. We celebrated Pasqua also together ( catholic and orthodox Pasqua this year came in the same day) and we listened Branduardi all the day, except the time we saw " Francesco" by Liliana Cavani.
... "










".I forget to tell that i study medioval culture- eastern and western ( Bizanzio, Slavia Ortodossa e Europa Cattolica ) art and manuscripts (I travveled much to see medioval art in Italia , Israel , Russia Germania, Ukraina, as for manuscripts,  i read them in  manuscript's department   in  State Libriary in Petersburg), also i give lessons of english , make russian-italian translations etc.
In scuola materna where i give english lessons  we made teatro mediovale and I feel myself like medioval spy  in modern world.  Branduardi, I think, is much much more great medioval spy then me!  Really i d like to meet him!
He is real Giullare di Dio - il mio protagonista preferito ( i consider myself also this personage).
My best dream now is to visit the concert of Branduardi , to find his cd's at least!
(Just now i m listening his music). Saluti a tutti da Pietroburgo ,
                             Carinka  "

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That is the site of my friend, genius young artist (of 21), here in St. Petersburg. Her name just Alla Dulh.





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