Amarcord,  termine dialettale che indica " nostalgia di ricordi". [Dal titolo dell’omonimo film (1973) di Federico Fellini (1920-1993)]. 
In questa sezione verranno raccolti pensieri, ricordi di concerti, eventi, incontri, immagini,  e tutto cị che riguarda il mondo branduardiano che ormai appartiene al passato.

Amarcord, dialectal term that means " nostalgia of memoirs". [From the title of the homonym film (1973) of Federico Fellini (1920-1993)].
In this section you will find thoughts, memoirs of concerts, events, meetings, images and all  that concerns the branduardian world  that by now  belongs to the past.



PHOTOS in Hannover - 1986 by Elke

My memory of that concert, 20 (!) years ago:
I remember that it was a concert with only arcustic instruments and it contained all the famous songs.  It took place in a cicular hall in Hannover and I sat on the balcony. It was the only time I took a camera and during all following concerts I sat at the front! There were no special effects like in 1983, but the lights gave a special atmosphere. As all other concerts, it was too short! In those years Angelo didn't talk as much as during the last 3 con certs, but his gestures haven't changed over the years. I'm thankful I had the chance to see Angelo so often and hope for some more concerts. These photos have changed house with me 3 times and I'm happy to share them now with other fans who might apreciate them!




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