Angelo Branduardi in concerto a Savona

Fortezza Priamar - 3rd of August 2007

Photos: Jeannine Renaux, Adele Sanna

Reports: Adele Sanna, Alessandra Mazzucco, Jeannine Renaux, .




Ciao a tutti,
.Dear friends,
first of all my greetings to Alessandra and Jeannine: I was very happy to meet you at the Concert and I regret I couldn't greet you at the end; I hope we will have further opportunities to meet and stay more together!
As regards the Concert, it has been a great emotion for me to see again Angelo after three years and above all in my city.
In the afternoon, after the work I went in the Fortress (where the Concert was) hoping to assist to the rehearsals and I was lucky.
I met a friend, Paolo, who works at the Archeologic Museum in the Fortress and is passionately fond of Angelo's music (he would like to become a Branduardi-an, but he is not able to follow the procedure). We stayed far from the stage in order not to disturb, I took some pictures but we were too far and they aren't good.
We remained till the end, at 6:40 pm.
At 9:00 pm I was again in the Fortress with my husband, Paul, his wife and many other people for the Concert.




Dear branduardian friends

I am a great dreamer, let me tell you my dream before I wake up!

“It’s 3rd of August. Life is smiling, the sun is shining, the redbird on the tree with his branches stretching out to the terrace, wished us already a nice day and the flowers are in an excellent mood with this sunny coming day, they are shouting only for some water… and promise us 3, ,4 , 5 flowers more when we’ll be back, if we realize their wish! I am light-hearted, my mind slides into dream at pleasure and à la carte, and luckily, my friend Alessandra plays this rule perfectly also. It's a real pleasure for both!

That is how takes place our current dream:

The action takes place in a town wavering and sitting between two chairs, one being the industial chair, the other the one of tourism and culture.A rather surprising mixture. We have without hesitation, opted for the culture chair, which is obviously more .... musical, and is an invitation to dream and .. to travel. A detail , but of importance: Savona does'nt use measurements as the common herd, and if we walked for 300 or 3000 meters on a pleasant promenade along the sea , edged with palm-trees and flowers, before arriving in the dream castle of "Priamar”,we'll never know it. But as commonly assumed : No account when loving!



As soon as I entered the place where the stage was (the "Piazza del Maschio"), I met Alessandra and Jeannine: I have known Alessandra since the unforgettable meeting in Cuggiono (June 20th, 2003), while Jeannine was familiar to me from her messages in the list.
We took some pictures together, then we made for our seats.



The place is splendid, a castle from the 17th century with a long surrounding wall. It is worth visiting! Alessandra and I have decided to play a rule of princesses to the very end. We entered into the castle walls before time, but what a pity (!!!), we feel concerned by earthly details as “hunger”, me, especially! We found our happiness in a delightful little restaurant on the main terrace before the castle entrance, sitting under a charming scarlet red woven bower, on a sweet summer evening, anticipating the coming moments ... and set in the best conditions to make our way towards .... what will happen next. The site is delightful, the ideal surrounding for a “minstrel” . ...



The whole stage is dark, who knows when the moon is, so only the stars look quietly at all the heads, ours, in an absolute silence, not to waste the magic instant of beginning.
A sudden flash of light envelops Angelo and his words invade the night: "Io sono il Trovatore e sempre vado per terre e paesi... " And it's now that the prodigy begins, because affection and admiration would not be enough to justify the perseverance with which we, his historical fans, hurry to every possible concert, either the feeling to assist to something of extraordinary that pervades who doesn't know him so well.
Also this evening is dedicated to the Lauda, a poor Lauda, in which the scenography is entirely left to the instruments, to the lights, and to the happy and smiling or serious and touching faces of the four people that are on the stage. We, the public, participate with the same intensity: later Davide Ragazzoni will tell us to have appreciated a lot the silence and the applauses, sometimes underlined, sometimes int ensified by the hitting of the feet on the wooden staircases and our singing, because Angelo at the end has let us sing : -) not a timid choir and also decidedly intoned, to accompanying him in the "ammorbante" (his words; - D) (I don't know this word in English, but it means something that... gives illnesses) "Fiera dell'est" and in the always splendid "Cogli la prima mela". A choir of words respectfully murmured when he has taken the guitar to give us "Tango" and "Confessioni di un malandrino."

The gifts, that evening, have been however really so many and for everybody. First of all Jeannine and me treated us to a special dinner inside the ancient Priamar fortress, the picturesque building that besides the Roman ruins, the cats, pleasant tenants, and the sculptures of Arnaldo Pomodoro, were part of the concert; then we have had the pleasure of meeting Steph and Adele (finally!); at last, and now dear branduardi-ans, it's your turn, we have had the words of Angelo.
We are friends (always his words) so he has had not hesitations to reciprocate with affection the regards that we have brought him from all of you. Jeannine has given him Elke's photos and we have given him a card with your kisses. We have written that not being able to kiss him for half a hour, the necessary time to grant the requests of all the branduardi-ans, the kiss of representation arrived from Peru, from Russia, from Holland, from France... In short: we have confirmed the concept of Elke's poster, adding that sooner or later, maybe the esquimesis will arrive too ;-)
The evening has finished in the best way, but perhaps it hasn't been a case because Jeannine and me, during her brief holiday in Sanremo, have discovered that we have in common not only a natural predisposition toward red wine, laughs and long ;(!) swims, but also toward that particular philosophy of life commonly said in two short words: "carpe diem"; -)

A hug to you!



At last the Concert began and everything was again beautiful and magic like in the past, I was again living that wonderful sensation of separation from time and space, when you are completely plunged in His Music and you would like it never ends.
The audience of Savona was very warm and I was very happy for that.
When the Concert came to the end, about 20 people remained to wait for our Angelo, and despite he was tired, he didn't disappointed us, he greeted everybody, he made autographs and pictures with great patience. How wonderful was for me to see and embrace him again after so long!
It was about 1 o'clock when that magic moment finished and He went away with his last greetings ...
I hope not to wait three years before I can live again this beautiful emotion, always the same, always different!


E And finally arrives the moment we were waiting so long, the silence is installed and the silhouette of Angelo, the sewer of dreams, is drawn in the dark, before to be blinded from the projectors that offer him to his public. Always the magical moment when he appears on stage. A technical accident, I am desolate, with my camera has made me badly all the photos, I hope you won't be too disappointed by what I can offer you, I will do it better next time.. and I have been very discreet in the use of the camera considering that a vigilant of the safety staff had already come for the comment they use in those cases!!! The result is what I can send to you, but I assure you that if my eyes had been able to make the same thing, a professional photographer would have been to go to hide away!!!! Unfortunately reality is not in that way...
We assist to a first part with the Lauda, the public react with long and warm applauses at the end of every song. After Angelo sings extracted by his more known songs tying them with a violin's assolo, and he has also given us the possibility to sing with him.
«Alla fiera dell'est» and he dealt to go up again the dynamics when it was lowering.
Always with only the violin: Cogli la prima mela, Ballo in Fa diesis minore, Vanità di Vanita – La Pulce d’Aqua..... (It’s too difficult to enunciate a list)
Our tenacity and perseverance while we were waiting for Angelo after the concert, compensated us and we met first the musicians. Davide, who is very kind, stopped to greet and chatted with everybody. We have given the greetings of the Branduardi-ans, shown the photos of Elke of Bad-Pyrmont, he recalled the concert as a very pleasant moment and he has looked at the photos with a lot of interest, a small memory of Davide about the past concert of Mons where he had eaten “snails” and drunk an excellent white beer of Hoegaarden. When Angelo has arrived, he went to greet “his friend” as he calls Alessandra, with a lot of spontaneity. I had a lot of fun because Alessandra has told me the anecdote that has carved her in his memory. The greetings of the Branduardi-ans again, as has written Alessandra and those more detailed, the photos of Bad-Pyrmont of Elke with her message behind. He recalled very well the place and the castle. Angelo has been very generous with autographs, friendly exchanges, and photos with the fans that remained waiting for him.
It was a beautiful evening. I will remember it for a long time, the apotheosis of superb moments that have preceded it!

A friendly greeting to everybody





Other Photos By Massimo Scorza


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