Angelo Branduardi in Bad Pyrmont 

21st July 2007

Photos by Volker, Johanna and Elke Quednau

Comment by Elke Quednau - Traslation: Jeannine Renaux


      Photo by Hans Jerschor









Finally Angelo was led with a small umbrella behind the stage to the left side. He was wearing slacks and a satin shirt, all in black. A nice contrast to his hair. He and the musicians (Leonaldo Pirelli, Stefano Olivato and Davide) came to the edge of the stage and I held up our poster. I could see Angelo reading it then he smiled at ME and waved to ME! Can anyone imagine my feelings in that moment? His first words were: I am a troubador. So let me play before I move on. (Spoken in German as he was talking German all evening. When he didnt know a word, the audience called it out to him.) There he was: Angelo Branduardi on stage opposite my seat and I could see him so clearly as if I was standing on the stage myself. It was bliss!

He started with reading Der Sonnengesang and then Davide started playing just like in January 2001 during the Linfinitamente piccolo tour. Now I can hear the Bran-ans moaning: not again!!! But the Linfinitamente piccolo CD is my personal favourite. For 6 years Ive been hearing it in my car, even my daughters know it by heart! These songs have helped me to cope many difficult troubles in my life. Bringing them to Bad Pyrmont was the greatest gift, Angelo could give me. There were the same explanations as 6,5 years ago, but he sang Il lupo de Gubbio in German. I wondered how some people could sit still during songs like Il Sultano di Babilonia?

Beside me and behind me I heard people using their cameras all without flash, of course. Some had reflex cameras, like Volker, but I only have a pocket Canon. Secretly I tried a photo, but the quality wasnt worth the effort.  When Angelo played his violin, I tried to make a little video, as the micro of the camera is rather good. But as I kept the camera in my lap, only the umbrellas can be seen. Still, its a nice memory for me.

I cant remember a concert of Angelo where Ive been close enough to see his face, that he looked so relaxed most of the time. Davide had a wide grin in his face most of the time and Stefano and Leonardo were smiling to the audience as well. Everybody on the stage seemed to enjoy the concert just like us! Between the songs, Angelo called the musicians to the front as well. Reason for me to hold up our poster again until they had all read it. There was no need to hold it up all the time, I already felt sorry for the people sitting behind me! Davide also waved when he had got the message! As Jeannine put it: I felt like a Princess!

When Angelo sang Der Sonnengesang I guessed it was time for a break, thinking only half of the concert was over. Behind me a man had been taking photos with a Canon reflex camera and I asked him to offer the photos to our group. I gave him the internet pages (little notes prepared at home to give out to those in need) and he promised to do so. Maybe he will still join our group? Everyone was so excited!

After the break came the hits: Alla fiera del est, Cogli la prima mela and even La pulce de aqua. Every song with extra variations. The castle yard was boiling and by now everyone was clapping hands with the rhythm, either Angelo or Davide directing us. But the second half of the concert seemed only half as long as the first and suddenly Angelo was saying goodbye, leaving the stage. One woman just cought him for an autograph.

Of course, they all came back, but Johanna and I went to the front of the stage, staying in a corner. Angelo had a huge bouquet of flowers in his hands, picked some roses out of it and threw them to the audience. After Il Sultano di Babilonia  for a second time, another woman gave Angelo a single rose and then it was our turn. I gave him the exotic bouquet of Ulrike (shes a florist), an envelope with the greetings of Susanne, Jeannine and Patrice and the poster. Ive never been this close to the Maestro and for a second he smiled at me. This smile is burnt into my heart but still Im so happy the photographer of the paper caught it in one of the photos! As Angelos hands were full, I asked Davide for an autograph first, then gave Angelo my scrapbook and got my own personal autograph something I had dreamed about for 10 years, at least.

Humbly we went back to our seats while Angelo started to play Momo, singing in German. Suddenly he stopped, he had forgotten the lyrics because he hasnt played it for a long time. Instead he played La Luna thats when I took the video which is so well liked.

After we had clapped Angelo and band back onto stage for 3 times, they didnt return. We decided to let the crowds leave and wait a little while to see Angelo privately. I dont know if I could have lived through more excitment, I might have burst. But we were in no hurry. The caterers collected the cushions from the chairs and we went to the curtain of the musicians quarters. There was another group standing around a high table, full of beer bottles. Some were rather drunk, but all was peaceful. Suddenly, Davide, Stefano and Leonardo came out, stopped by some asking for autographs. I sent Johanna with the scrap book to Stefano and Leonardo and gave Davide: Saluti de Michelangelo, Susanne de Francoforte, Jeannine de Belgium and Patrice de Holland (no ideo how its called in Italian sorry!). He smiled and nodded his head. Then I asked him onto a photo with me and he agreed! Thanks to Patrice I know learned that I could have talked to him in English as well. As least I know Mille grazie and Bona notte!

The security watched the crowd in the yard closely. Then a man came and gave out cards with Angelos autograph because he was not coming out. I guess, it was because of the drunks? It would have been too much to be true and now I have something to look forward to at my next concert hopefully with a huge group of Branuardi-ans!

I would have loved to go for a drink with Brbel and Volker to talk about the concert, but Johanna was cold and tired, so we went home.

On Sunday Brbel and Volker came to us to exchange photos and memories. We also took them on a little tour through Hameln. Then they had to leave for their long drive home but it was a nice end to an unbelievable weekend.

 I give my special thanks to the photographer Hans Jerschor who shares his photos and let them go into Angelos page.



PS - cari amici, I agree with  elke's fantastic report. the evening was magic. I remember two more songs in the concert:
vanit di vanit and ballo in fa diesis minore.
happy greets :)



"La luna"



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By Hans Jerschor


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