Padua, 20th June 2008

 photos and text by “jblarts


Hot night the 20th June. To carry with us the cameras we decide to come by car, so we arrive late at the Saint (Anthony, but in Padua we never say the name, he is the Saint) just a quarter before the beginning of the concert. People everywhere. All seats occupied, we crouch along the barriers protecting the lights magician who afterwards would enchant us with his marvellous musical rainbows. Sultriness and heat are nearly unfelt, because of the great emotion of being for the first time at a concert of Angelo. The crowd grows, all the square is full and also Saint Francesco (obviously) road hold the last arrived.
Then Angelo arrives, in gloom and silence. And it all begins. The Cantico begins. Shivers. And then Angelo tells us about Francesco. And goes on alternating music and voice, in bright colours and words. Seeing him singing is spectacular (I am sorry, I know you know it well): he sings with all himself, with his body, with his violin (which is a part of his body), with his eyes, with his hair… With his hands! In the speech of the birds he goes on and on moving his hands like wings, meanwhile the drummer shaker a twittering instrument. The sinergy with the three musicians (drummers, keyboard-accordion, bass and a boony modern double bass) is perfect and the lights and effects are in total armony. ...

Then Angelo takes the cymbals and play with them with skill and dance with them, light as the elf he is. Heat goes on, but still unfelt, it seems neither Angelo feel it, in spite of the reflectors and the effort of the performance which is not visible.
Then arrives on usa gain the music of the Cantico… again? That’s all? No, it cannot yet be finished … total despair… No, it’s not already finished, on the contrary, the best is yet to come.
After the spiritual magic of Francesco, Angelo giive us the bigger magic of having fun with us, pasting one song to the other, from the Pulce to the Ballo, to the Prima Mela, where nobody can stand still and silent and all the square is a choir of joy. Tiredeness catch him for a moment: he menace u sto torture with the entire Alla fiera dell’Est, but in the middle it is Angelo himself to ask to close it quickly. Also the other musicians on the stage incite u sto be part of the concert with them.
And then the violin takes the upper hand and Angelo plays it with an energy, a sweetness, an infinite love… and again it all seems coming to the end… oxygen lacks, not for the heat, no, because this time the end is really near…
But before our hand and our voices fall apart, he replies comiung back with his guitar. And he plays a soooo sweet music, the pilgrims’ music on the road to Compostela, and it lulls us, and he leaves us with sweetness, even if for us the concert could have been going on ‘til dawn.
At home we cannot go to sleep, the energy and the greatness of the evening do not help the sleep. We download at leat 300 shots and we see again all the concert and in the backgroud again Francesco beated by the Saracini and the Pulce and the mouse, the cat, the dog, the stick….. and we look again at the strong expressions, the sweet and ironic ones of Angelo and the musicians.
Grazie, Angelo!




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Photogallery by Jblarts