Mons (BE) - October 7th 2006

 Théâtre Royal lAngelo Branduardi in concert

Photos by Jeannine Renaux - Comments by Sofia Diogo





"There was a first part played by another group of "Italian rock" or so I
suppose! I'm afraid I didn't pay much attention to them, I wanted them to go
away and at the same time wanted the moment to keep on going! The
anticipation of a pleasure is itself a pleasure............ :-)


And then the lights went down, the curtain open and my heart beat at the
rhythm of each step "of him" entering the stage. My first Branduardi
concert! I couldn't believe I was really there, facing him, so close! I
wanted to close my eyes and listen to his voice and at the same time look at
him and capture the moment with my camera! What to do first??
For the first time in my life I felt unbalanced, emotions so overpowering I
couldn't breath and the miracle happened!



















He started singing, songs I know
so well in my heart, but it was not from a CD, it was real and I could look
at him while listening! But it went too fast and moments after starting it
was ending! Magic happened that day and I will never forget what it was to
applaud with all my heart for the first time.. He left the stage and I felt
I had lived some special moments but it was over! Sunday felt like annoying,
empty and graceless.........
Maybe I'll be lucky to see him again, one day! Till then, I'll have to fill
the void with "only" music and memories of "one day where I felt alive"!
I'm sorry if this was too long but it doesn't even begins to describe what
happened to me at Mons, October the 7th, planet Earth :-)! Thank you!


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For me magical as everytime. Maybe too long about the Lauda's contents but an excellent and receptieve public. And Angelo said it was a very beautiful evening for himself.
We heard also the "classics" but in short versions and the concert was shorter as usually.
But very very very pleasant!!!!


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