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Angelo Branduardi

Abbazia di LUCEDIO 
(Vc)4 Maggio 2008


Comment by Alessandra Mazzucco - Photos by Michelangelo Gargiulo



The road is long and narrow, surrounded with the brilliant water mirrors of the paddies that are lost in the meadows. Green and blue run without stopping until separate, earth and sky, in a frame for the red walls of a spacious grangia*: this is the
Principality of Lucedio
* "Grangia" is a medieval country comunity founded by Benedectine Order


Today it's a particular day: the province of Vercelli wants to organize a medieval festival and from the first hours of the morning the shuttles' drivers, the people in medieval costumes, the cooks and most of the inhabitants of the surrounding area, are working to make it as an unforgettable day. They will succeed in it :-)



Small buildings and environments within the grangia have been restored and are animated by a real and intense medieval life: the falconers are showing the splendid specimens of rapacious birds; the shoemaker is producing leather moccasins, there is the workshop of the apothecary, who is working at the loom and who is making candles.








The atmosphere would be really very suggestive, but there is an enormous quantity of guests who are arriving without stopping. Throughout the day will be distributed free "panissa" the typical dish of the place (rice seasoned with lard, salami and beans), water and wine.



The stage will welcome Branduardi is ready in front of the square that in the afternoon is pleasantly invaded by vintage carriages pulled by beautiful horses. And it is between a coach and the other that, at some point, behind the stage, appears Angelo. He's cheerful, smiling and friendly. We talk a little with him about the Lauda, about all of you and your greetings for him, about the ghosts of Lucedio...





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