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Angelo Branduardi in concert

Photos by Dominique Louis, Liliane Rouze, Danielle Moens  -  Videos: Dominique Louis

Photo by Dominique Louis

...Sometime later it was time to take our seats on the balconies. And so we sat there, I think all of the 4 balconies were filled by Branduardi-ans.
The concert it self.......well what more can I say than it was super, great, fantastic!!!!! Starting with Si Puo Fare, his conversations, the jokes. He did look very relaxed, however he told us playing at this time of the day was strange and not easy. It was like playing with a jet-lag. But we didn't notice that at all to be honest. I don't know how many songs he sang for us, but of course Pulce d'Aqua, Alla Fiera Dell''Est. Fou de Love and a part of  L""Infinitamente piccolo. And of course Cogli La Prima Mela. And, however high on the balconies, everybody could hear the guests of honour, singing and clapping. Branduardi-an power!



...And then the concert started, the Flemish (Dutch) translation of Violinista di Dooney and then Si può fare. It was in fact the same concert as the summer concert tour. But..... as Angelo said, it was also different, because HE was different. He was joking with the audience and with the musicians, he seemed to me to be the Angelo I had first seen in 1995. Laughing, a little crazy and making fun and completely enjoying himself! After a couple of songs he took of his longcoat , because it was so hot in the theatre. The audience in the beginning was rather quiet (not the Branduardians!!) but after every song they applauded a little louder. And probably our enthousiasme was working :-) And when we started clapping our hands with the rhythme many of the audience followed us.
I was secretely hoping that he would sing a couple of lines of the Cantico in Flemish, like he had done some years ago in Antwerp, but he had already said he had many problems with the language because of the g's , so he chose the safe way in Italian. He spoke to the audience in perfect English and started with Goedenavond dames en heren (good evening ladies and
gentlemen) being used to evening concerts :-) And this concert was in the afternoon.


.... the atmosphere was rather cold (despite the very hot: 28 degrees!), But the room has warmed gradually as the enthusiasm and applause went up (supported since the lodges by Branduardi-ans), especially with "Il Sultano di Babilonia". There were two reminders "Cogli la prima mela mela" and ..... Tango and "O sole mio". Anne handed the scarf after the concert offered by Branduardi-ans, Gianluca. We were able to quickly meet Angelo in the Backstage, he seems to be very tired. We hailed from Michelangelo and all the members of the group who could not be there.
We were able to talk longer with Davide and Michele smiling and very available to us. Then we went to drink a Belgian beer in a cafe near the Capitole, head, heart and ears filled with the music of Angelo ....



Si puo' fare                                                                                                                                                     Violino Assolo


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