Castiglion Fiorentino 3rd August 2005

Angelo Branduardi in concert

Photos, videoclip and comments by Patrice Gruben

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Dear friends,
last week I went to the concert in Castiglion Fiorentino, not far from Arezzo.
I was in the company of my friend Steph and also two other old friends.
Steph and I arrived in Castiglion F. on the morning of August 3rd and when we arrived it was raining, just a little. But as soon as we arrived in the hotel, the rain started to poor down, heavily, and it didn't stop for 3 hours!
We were worried about the open air concert, but luckily Steph was in contact with a nice lady who informed us that the organisation had decided to move the concert to the Palasport. This was good news, specially because now we could enjoy the concert without fear of getting wet, and also there was a good chance we would be able to SIT!
The other friends arrived late in the afternoon and we went to the old centre by car , walked around a bit and had a quick pizza.
We were a bit late arriving at the Palasport, so we had to be content with a chair at the back. There was no palco, so it was a bit difficult to see Angelo, specially because he was sitting during the first part.
The concert consisted of two parts, the first was the accoustic concert, that was also part of the Altre ed Altrove tour. The second part was Infinitamente Piccole.
As usual the concert started after an Italian delay of more than half hour. People were getting restless and impatient and started to applaud, trying to make the musicians hurry.....
And then, there he was...... Angelo, dressed in wide white shirt and wide black pants. I could not see if he was wearing shoes, but usually he is barefooted.
He started with hus usual compilation of classical hits, first playing the violin and then singing songs like Alla Fiera dell'Est and Cogli la Prima Mela, but I had the impression this compilation was shorter than usual.
Later he was joined by the other musicians, Davide for percussion, Giovanni (who also played during the Francesco tour) on keyboard and I forgot the name of the guitar player, sorry.
The big <table drum> was again part of the concert, but there was a surprise: Davide introduced his new possession, a heavy big drum from Brasil: Surdo, and if I remember well Davide said it was called a Giant Drum. The outside of the drum was shining, like a mirror and Davide did his best to catch the light in it.
Specially for this drum a new old song was introduced: Il dono del Cervo. And of course Davide played his new baby in Cercando l'Oro with the whole audience clapping the rythme and joining in the singing.
Also new was Angelo playing Vivaldi on the violin.
I always enjoy this accoustic part with the old songs very much, and again with much pleasure I listened to Funerale, Sotto il Tiglio, Giovanna d'Arco and Ballo in fa Diesis Minore and specially for Steph and me Donna della Sera.
New for me was the projection on a big screen of Angelo playing and singing, so everybody could get a good view.
In the second part as Angelo always says: the elephants came in, the music was more lively and we listened to all the songs of l'Infinitamente Piccolo. During the earlier concerts tours, Angelo just sang a small part of La Morte di San Francesco, but this time, he sang the whole song, which is beautifull and one of my favourites, very emotional. And again, no Salmo :-(  I was really hoping he would sings this, because it is part of Francesco.
As extra he did an instrumental version of Pulce d'Acqua and the whole audience was clapping, dancing and singing. And as last song we listened to Malandrino, which of course brings emotions to everybody.
The concert was over, and even if the sound was not always perfect, it was a good and surprising concert. It is great to discover that every time they succeed in making little changes to the music, to turn it into something new.
After the concert, as usual we waiting a long long time for Angelo and the others to appear, but our long waiting was rewarded. Angelo was confronted with many many fans who asked for an autograph, but of course we are <old friends> and we got more than an autograph, we got kisses!
And Angelo took a lot of time to talk with us, ignoring his manager who was ready to go home........
I did not make any photo's of the concert, only some photo's of Angelo after the concert. I'm very proud of the photo that I made exactly at the moment when Angelo spotted me in the crowd and he waved at me saying: Ciao Olanda Lontana :-)
I am sending a link to my online photo-album, so people who are interested can view the photo's.
I made some short films on my digital camera, but so far I have only been able to open them with my Kodak program. If there is anybody who can tell me how to open then in a different way, I would be very pleased and maybe I will be able to share them with you.
Best wishes to everybody.


Castiglion Fiorentino - Panorama - Photo Patrice Gruben Patrice and Stephy
Castiglion Fiorentino - Panorama - Photo Patrice Gruben

Il dono del Cervo (min.1:09)

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