Angelo Branduardi in Concerto

Piazza San  Domenico

Comments: Sara, Micci - Photos: Mariarita  "Micci" Coccia





From Padua to Bologna, My words can hardly convey the emotional state of grace that you try to attend a concert of Branduardi .. This in particular .. with this particular choice of songs, even if define concert is very limited .. For me it is a prayer made in sound and movement .. that has the ability to access the heart that beats and changes the pace following the drums .. and the violin playing that continues even now when the lights are turned off ... for me is a door that opens on transcendent .. Easily with simplicity and every note and look .. is on the skin thrill and emotion accessed so simply joy Love and full consciousness. The music becomes half to see and hear on the skin .. emotions that are all .. but often taken by the frenetic real or fake fears, do not give space to listen. Here, I can not describe the energy charge of Love and that radiates from him to the drummer filling the square... I can not describe with limited and imperfect words as in the body odf Angelo take shape the melody and framework .. and the note and the gesture become messengers of stories that lead us to the root of essence. What I can say is that it is an experience not to miss .. if you get the chance take it!. What I can say is thanks to Angelo and now I pause the fragile words and embrace the DIVINE sound , which becomes color! To merge briefly .. in a healthy subtraction ... :]






.. On the wave of the emotion lived there, I want to tell the concert in Bologna. First of all the context where the stage was placed : Piazza San Domenico. Both S. Francis That St. Dominicare are linked because they are the founders of the first orders beggars, respectively of 'Ordo Praedicatorum and' Ordo Minorum. The atmosphere is warm, not only for temperature, but also by the fact that in Bologna Angelo has his staff and, not last by the fact that Bologna has always been a city of music. We are in the square at about seven and we take our places; pending exchange chat with the musicians: Davide is always kind and witty and even though you're in a wrong day, he makes you forget with his smile and jokes. We speak with an available Angelo, smiling and happy to see us again, we talk of songs and the coming concerts, we gave the greetings of Branduardians leaving with the hope of seeing again shortly. The sky blurs its blue and pink with the blue of evening and the stars are almost head to want to attend the concert, there is the whole Bologna of vips and promoters of the event, as well as a splendid public made mostly by young people. After the speeches rite among which I quote one of Franz Campi, singer and interpreter of theater-song, that some of you know, finally begins the magic of our great Angelo. Enter smiling and aware of what's coming, knows that there is a public demanding and connoisseur, but is also ready to get involved in the musical turns, thus establishing contact and to become a single breath. The songs follow one another: il cantico delle creature, il sultano di babilonia , il lupo di Gubbio, audite poverelle, ecc. Davide with his battery is a master, infuses strength, stresses with sweetness of the songs' "Infinitamente piccolo", they buy a flavor and an impact always different from concert to concert. Even Leonardo (keyboards) and Stefano (bass, harmonica) are quite 'one with us, sing and move giving the scan patterns with their hands and we are there that we reply, wrapped by the thin wire. Angelo let himself involve so much that sometimes with his violin has some "distraction", as playing a variation for another, and then recover. Great voice: beautiful, full and warm, which has its maximum emotional in the final song in "Stella matutina", where the song used in "music for subtraction" acquires its value with the voice of Angelo which remains suspended in Air, merging with our hearts. And with this serenity within us that we are at home, happy to have been once again witnessed of the magic of Angelo. A hug to all,




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