"Il Concerto"

"Musica della Serenissima"

Teatro Malibran - 29th January 2009

Angelo Branduardi - Ensemble "Scintille di Musica" di Francesca Torelli

Photos by: Francesco Cocorullo, Maria Cioffi, Claude Hug














Hello Branduardians,

  • Thanks to you for all for the encouragements before this magnific concert!
    Thanks Francesco for your report, there is not more for me to say...

    Angelo was in very good form, his voice was perfect and these songs are very difficult to sing. You find some photos in this e-mail, infortunatly I was to far from the stage and surrounded with spectators who was not very happy about the screen of my camera.
    After the concert, we waited to speak with Angelo. We gives him the greatings of all Branduardians and asked for some news about the futur...










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