"Venezia e Dintorni"

"Musica della Serenissima"

Teatro Malibran - 29th January 2009

Angelo Branduardi - Ensemble "Scintille di Musica" di Francesca Torelli

Photos by: Francesco Cocorullo, Petra Kläz , Maria Cioffi, Claude Hug



Here we are again. Two years after Ancient Future IV, we're back in the Serenissima to add a new chapter to the Branduardian history with this Future Antico V. Three hours by train pass quickly, and so, through Bologna and Padua, arriving in the beautiful Venice, always a pleasure to return to this wonderful city unique in the world to attend the concert along with other branduardian friends .Arrived at the hotel, Mary and Louis expect to arrive an hour later and together we move to the theater where we meet Norbert, Petra, Claude and Christine, and we stop to chat for half an hour before the concert, scheduled for 20.30.
Take place in the Malibran theater and anxious waiting for the opening dance, a sweet presenter introduces us to the concert, thanking the authorities (the mayor of Venice in the lead) for allowing the event, then it is up to the president of the Casino di Venezia (main sponsor ) take the floor and thank Angelo described as "a true friend of Venice." To my great surprise, the concert opens with an exhibition of Venetian pianist, John dell'Olivo which has 4 songs in the popular Venetian tradition, a good start, very beautiful music, in fact at the end of the concert I bought the CD. Then finally, here is Angelo, Francesca Torelli l’ensemble Scintille di musica appear and take a stand, the sound of FA V is very similar to that of FA IV, this is music of the Venetian Renaissance, which is in Claudio Monteverdi and the greatest exponent "absolute genius" as Angelo defines it himself.
Angelo appears in dazzling form and offers fun songs is said to love a woman that leads to madness, so the actor decided to become a monk (which Faralli that diralla) alternating instrumental tracks from where Francesca Torelli gives vent to her talent with the theorbo and lute, the orchestra sounds strange old instruments as the hurdy-gurdy. The concert continues mixing songs in the last two Future Old and after Viva Provided that opened the previous FA IV, a melody is played at the opening of Malibran used in 1600 (the Dance of pages) and a hit of 1600: all Damigella beautiful poem of poet Gabriello Chiabrera and music by two great authors: Calestani and Monteverdi. After the concert we wait for Angelo who gracefully and willingly lends himself to the ritual of autographs and photos, and in which I delivered the greetings from all of us. It was another great evening branduardiana even if the day has prevented many to be there, unfortunately. With pleasure, I met many friends from various nations but all united by the same passion for music of our!

“Tal che ogn’or s’oda gridar VIVA VENEZIA IN TERRA E MAR!”

Francesco (translation by Patrice Gruben)















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