Mantova -Teatro Bibiena

October 29 - 2002


" Aspettando con Angelo ...."                                                  " Waiting with Angelo..."                        


Photos by Petra Klaez, Patrice Gruben, Michelangelo Gargiulo, Mauro Pinardi, Elise Wautelet, Monika Wegener, Gaia Cozzi


              Angelo walking..- Photo by Petra       Miky - Photo by Mauro

"...At a certain point the group went forth in search of the much-desired sound check, only to discover that it had already taken place.We were much consoled however to meet up with a certain personage walking in the street like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING!!! Amid astonished eyes, dropped jaws, and cries of"Oh my God!"and"It's Angelo!!!" the group surrounded our hero for a brief joyous greeting, then adjourned to nearby stores to buy plastic witch's noses and hats,and phosphorescent skeletons, then to MacDonald's(who may become the Official Branduardi-ans' Pre-Concert Eating Place)to add a bit more noise to a 2000 decibel childrens' birthday party already going on,then to anxiously walk the streets and some to climb the walls of the theater( a choice spectacle was the 2-Maciste Team of Ric and Pat picking up Steph the Feather to sit her on a wall....)


     kk 003.jpg (148835 byte)    Pat & Annette - Photo by Michelangelo

           Pat, Annette, Petra, neck of Thomas - Photo by Michelangelo      Antonella, Patrice - Photo by Michelangelo

                    Photo by Michelangelo      The secretary-Godmother Patrice - Photo by Michelangelo

                             Annette, Petra, Thomas, Gaia - Photo by Michelangelo      Gaia, Elise, Giulio, Antonella, Patrice - Photo by Michelangelo

Gaia, miky, Elise, Ric

"...The waiting group was lucky enough to enjoy another appearance of Angelo outside the theater side doors;Grieda gave him flowers,we all took many many photo's,and he assured us that,as the music was quite different from what we might be used to hear from him, - Anyone who felt suicidal was free to leave the theater.- . Finally the magic hour arrived!Among hordes of VIP's,city Authorities,Commercialists,and from what I could gather,also Luisa came the Branduardi-ans;the group had grown and grown and added to the hotel group were dozens more(the only pity was that we saw so little of each other,the time was not enough...please everyone plan on taking at least 3 days off in July,or whenever the concert will be repeated,we shall dance in Piazza Castello,scale the Palazzo Ducale walls,roll on the grass,jump in the Upper,Lower,and Middle Lakes and also in the mysterious fourth one if it is still there--eat,drink,be merry...and try to carry off Angelo(why is this a recurring fantasy?)In a word...Woodstock Revisited!. The beautiful Bibiena Theater was a perfect backdrop to the exquisite music of the Scintille,instrumental pieces alternating with the songs sung by Angelo,that ranged from delicate to sad to joyous to tormented.As he himself said(among many other kind words),many of these songs were probably sung in a"normal"voice,not particularly falsetto,and that is how he sang them..."

                      A sigaret before the concert.. - Photo by Gaia                Angelo talking with Antonella - Photo by Monika

Photo by Patrice      Photo by Patrice         Capitan Giulio - Photo by Patrice

 Flowers..- Photo by Mauro      Thierry and Elise     Angelo smiles to Gaia - Photo by Gaia                                        

. "...Angelo era uscito incautamente ( o forse gli faceva piacere incontrarci? doveva ben saperlo che eravamo lā fuori) a fumarsi una sigaretta fuori dal teatro ed č stato quindi preso d'assalto dai suoi affezionati fans ( ho mandato anche una foto che lo ritrae con i fiori di Grieda): a questo punto mi sono avvicinata insieme a Gaia e gli ho detto che abito a Cuggiono, il suo paese natale. Abbiamo quindi parlato un po' del paese..... Gli ho chiesto se avrebbe portato in tour FA III, cosa che ha escluso: il tour lo farā, ma imperniato sul nuovo disco (normale) che uscirā il prossimo anno; mi ha anche promesso che verrā a suonare a Cuggiono (chissā se sarā di parola!). Ci ha poi messo in guardia nei confronti del concerto, ha detto che era musica "difficile", che avrebbe potuto scatenare gli istinti suicidi di qualcuno: in tal caso, si č raccomandato, che il malcapitato uscisse subito, lui non si sarebbe offeso! L'abbiamo rassicurato: tutti avevami giā il CD ed era giā stato metabolizzato, eravamo quindi consapevoli e preparati..."


Paolo, Daniela, Aliu - Photo by Michelangelo      Claude,Christine, Antonella, Norbert - Photo by Monika

wapetra and thomas.JPG (38960 byte)      Stefy, Giulio, Gaia.- Photo by Patrice      Stephy and Giulio - Photo by Monika

Photo by Michelangelo   Sandro - Photo by Patrice  Ready to enter! - Photo by Michelangelo



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