Mantova -Teatro Bibiena

October 29th - 2002

After the concert...

Photos by Monika Wegener, Elise Wautelet, Michelangelo Gargiulo, Mauro Pinardi, Daniela Scifoni, Annette Senner


Daniela and Davide Ragazzoni.       Patrice and Davide Ragazzoni.

  Davide and Elise     Annette - Photo by Elise       Gaia - Photo by Elise 


"...At the end,as the scenes came down and the instruments and loudspeakers were being packed up,numerous faithful followers,chief among them those pesky obstinate "Branduardi-hooligans",still waited for Angelo--who finally appeared,signed 1000 autograph's(the pens to be framed),posed for a few hundred more photo's(also to be framed),recieved a kiss from Gaia(who will now have to frame her cheek),and finally went off with his traditional post-concert salute, -Andiamo a mangiare!-  ..."  

 Photo by Monika     MA32.JPG (88957 byte)    Photo by Monika     

   The kiss of Gaia- Photo by Mauro   Kiss of Gaia - Photo by Monika  Angelo e Gaia


       Angelo and Petra - Photo by Michelangelo     Michelangelo e Daniela         

Angelo e Daniela         Angelo e Daniela

Photo by AnnettePhoto by AnnettePhoto by Annette


Group - Photo by Mauro                      Branduardians- Photo by Michelangelo


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