Cuggiono 20, 21, 22 Giugno 2003 "Open air"

Photos by: Petra Klaez. Patrice Gruben, Mauro Pinardi, Michelangelo Gargiulo, Daniela Scifoni


Miky, Mirko, Gaia, Laura, Elise (P.K)      Elise, Monika, Christine, Claude, Anette, Norbert, Petra (M.P.)

    Drinking  a fresh beer.. (M.P.)            Dany "La signora dai capelli neri", Gaia, Laura (M.P.)      


"...Later there was a short conference, with Angelo, Monti and others. It was - of course - in Italian, so I could not really understand what it was about, but it had everything to do with music :-) I will always remember this short time as the time when I - and probably everybody who was present - was bitten by hundreds of mosquito's, even though we all used protection against them.... but Cuggionian mosquito's don't bother about protection, they just bite! The only one who was not scratching, seemed to be Angelo... maybe he is immune to the Cuggionian mosquito's..."


                    The conference and mosquito's (P.G.)          Conference (D.S.)

  Cuggiono 066.jpg (49108 byte)      Sandro and Angelo (M.P.)


"...Finito il giro nella mostra, ci siamo spostati all'esterno: era stata organizzata una conferenza con Angelo, Monti, e un critico musicale che sarÓ durata..un'oretta mentre le zanzare bachettavano felicemente sulle nostre gambette e braccine!!!! Finita la conferenza siamo rientrati nella villa dove abbiamo mangiato...."


Photo by Michelangelo Gargiulo

Sunset on Ticino






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