Cuggiono 20, 21, 22 Giugno 2003    "The Ethnic buffet"

Photos by: Petra Klaez. Patrice Gruben, Mauro Pinardi, Monika Wegener, Elise Valere


"...And then it was time for our supper. Like a miracle, suddenly all the Branduardi-ans produced food, big big quantities of food. It was as if somebody waved a magic wand... and hey presto... there were two tables on the terrace packed with the best of international foods and drinks. Everybody clustered around the tables and tried all the good food. The only person who was not eating was Angelo.... he was not hungry, he had eaten early in the evening with his mother. But he did show his appreciation of the co÷peration in this way of the members of the group, and Luisa and mama were very interested in all the different national kinds of food.
There was so much to eat, that the left-overs were stored in the fridge, and were eaten in the next days."



Preparing for buffet(P.G.)  buffet (P.G.)  buffet (P.G.)

                                 Laura, Pat, Pierre (M.P.)         Laura, Arnaldo, Pat, Sandro (M.P.)

              Miky, Angelo (M.W.)    Angelo (P.K.)            

 Pat, Virginia, Arnaldo, Sandro, Mauro (P.G.)   Angelo, Antonella (P.K.)   Angelo (E.V.)

                 Rosaria, Pat, Sandro (P.G.)   Claude, Virginia, Rosaria (P.G.)

Patrice (M.W.)  L'insalata caprese Angelo, Elise, Claude (M.W.)


Summer game!





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