BASEL  29-September-2001

The stage

Photographs by Christiane Kern, Monika Wegener,  Petra Turecek

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Angelo and the Branduardi-ans

Angelo and the Branduardi-ans


"...Poi dopo il concerto aspettavamo con altra gente, ma in prima fila... poi quando Angelo veniva, rideva, parlava con tutti, faceva tutto che la gente lo chiedeva, autografi, foto... Poi, quando i fans „normali“ sene sono andati, Angelo è rimasto con noi, per parlare un po’ e per fare alcune foto con i Branduardi-ans e la loro star. Davide era „geloso“ che soltanto Angelo aveva ricevuto un button: „sempre Angelo!“ Gli abbiamo detto che manderemo un „button“ per gli altri 3 musicisti a Bologna. Christiane rifarà ancora alcuni..."

 Monika Wegener


(photos C.K.)



(Photos P. T.)


(Photos M.W.)


Angelo signs a special  dedication  for Michelangelo


And a sign on Patrice breast!


    Carlo and  Petra

    Carlo, one of the musicians(very clever),  and Petra


Il "mitico" Davide!

              "... So after the concert we all waited for Angelo. There were many fans waiting, but of course the Branduardi-ans group was in front. After a while Angelo came out and he took a lot of time to talk with us, we could make many photo's, Angelo posed very patiently between the Branduardian group for group photo's , he wrote many autographs and after hugs and kisses he also went to the other waiting fans..."

Patrice Gruben

 ARRIVEDERCI until next time!


"...After we had left, we were looking for a place to have a drink together, but all the bars were too small or too full for the group, so we walked back to the Youth Hostel, and Norbert again came with his magical black hat with the
rest of the wine and Petra opened a bottle of Sekt and she played the CD of the Munich concert. It was really great to be together with so many nice people in such a peaceful way, feeling we are all together a happy family, sharing
the love for Angelo's music.."

Patrice Gruben and Christiane Kern



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